AI and Kashmiri Entrepreneurs

By: Bilal Ahmed Wani

Most of us have heard about AI in news and over the internet. It is the most buzzing word in the industry these days. Let us first understand what is AI (Artificial Intelligence) and what are various types of AI. AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the simple words means the computer system which imitates the human intelligence. Human intelligence has the capacity for problem-solving, learning, reasoning, perception and language understanding. The way humans keep learning same way AI systems learn from huge data and adapt their behavior accordingly by using machine learning and natural language processing systems and technology
The other buzz word is Gen AI (Generative Artificial Intelligence), which simple means the content generated using AI systems. GenAI uses AI models and complex algorithms to generate the content which could be media, text, images etc. This has revolutionized the media and entertainment industry.
There are various types of AI systems which include, Weak AI, General AI, Super AI and many more. The AI can be ap-plied to any walk of life or business. We need to expand our understanding around AI and its uses.
Kashmir Entrepreneurs can utilize the AI in various sectors to build a profitable and futuristic business ventures. Some of the use cases described below might be helpful in igniting the neurons to form a strong business model.
In the article we shall briefly touch upon the AI use cases for Education and Agriculture sector.
In education sector AI will surely revolutionize many current trends and most significant use-cases would include:
AI based learning assistants, based on the individual needs understanding power, AI shall identify learning gaps, create relevant content, and real time feedback analysis. This will help students to grasp the concepts more effectively at their own pace.
Personalized education, AI will tailor the content based on students preference and learning pace. This will create a adapting learning environment for the students.
AI Tutoring, the tutoring segment will surely be the focus and AI based tutoring offers personalized guidance, explanation, concepts and much more. These systems are available round the clock and will help students understand and grasp concepts faster.
AI based personality assessment, the personality assessment of a student will help in crafting a 360 degree learning program for the students.

The agriculture sector is also witnessing huge changes due to AI based systems. Some of the most prominent uses-cases include:

Crop and soil monitoring
AI powered computer vision systems can analyze the images of the crops captured using aerial drones to detect the micro and macronutrients present in the soil.

Intelligent spraying
AI driven precision spraying optimizes pesticide and fertilizer application. This will ensure healthy crops and better yield.

Automatic weeding
Automatic AI based weeding identifies and removes weeds without human intervention

Aerial survey and imaging
AI algorithms can process the high resolution images captured by drones to assess crop health and monitor the growth. It can be very useful in identification of potential issues.

Insect and plant disease detection
AI computer vision; as discussed above, will analyze the images and identify the plant diseases. It will also recommend the proper resolution to identified problems.
In the next article we shall discuss more on the use case related to health sector. There are many areas where AI will impact the lives around us. As the budding entrepreneurs we should clearly identify what problem are we solving and develop a deep understanding around it. We should clearly identify the business potential and create a robust sustainable business model around it.

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