The Challenge Zone Breed the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs 

The top 5 solutions, as chosen by our expert panel, will receive prestigious Certificates of Appreciation and a surprise gift from GIF and NIT Srinagar. 

The world is changing rapidly, and we are at the forefront of this transformation. Technology is booming, and the way we live, both in urban and rural areas, is evolving. But with progress comes challenges. This is where you, the next generation of innovators, come in! 

Startup Kashmir in association with Greenovator Incubation Foundation (GIF) and NIT Srinagar present a unique challenge for students: 

Here are two critical areas that need your innovative mind: 

Challenge 1: Industry and Sustainability 

  • Propose solutions to reduce industrial waste and pollution, all while maintaining efficiency and productivity in manufacturing. 
  • How can technology be leveraged to make manufacturing processes more sustainable and eco-friendlier? 
  • Develop innovative ways to promote renewable energy sources within industries and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. 

Challenge 2: Environmental Champions 

  • Propose creative solutions to tackle the ever-growing problem of plastic waste in our environment. 
  • Develop innovative methods to preserve and restore natural habitats in both urban and rural areas. 
  • Propose strategies to encourage communities to adopt sustainable practices that conserve water and minimize their environmental impact. 

Do you have the answer? Think outside the box, be bold, and submit your solution today! 

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